For the sunny days spent sitting at my desk, here are colourful images of citrus, deep green forests, Wolfgang Tillmans, calaveras, Finnish plates, Baggu prints, Dutch beer coasters, astrological calendar, Fernandez & Wells, some business cards and a beautiful picture of Norway and its fjords that I greatly miss. 

Complete with Yogi Tea teabag mantras for the less sunny days. 


First there was WHAT'S YOUR NAME? WHO'S YOUR DADDY?, it was 2006 and Blogspot was all the rage. I was working for New Future Graphic and they really opened my synapses to the wonder of cataloguing stuff you like on the internet that other people might like too! It was all uphill and daily upload allowances from there. 

Then there was Tumblr which meant DON'T LOOK, and the project of opening a bakery called BUNS'N'ROSES, therefore there was a blog dedicated to my "investigative research into the competition, aka foodstagramming. 

Locked blogs for questionable Christmas Party pics, confrontation to Martha Stewart 

In the creative impasse I slouched through there was THINGS THAT ALWAYS WORK, hopeful jumper cables to my flatlining creativity. 

1 picture = 1000 words and I'd rather look at one picture than read a thousand words about a palm tree, so when I set off backpacking for a year, a blog seemed easier than spamming my beloveds with group emails. 

When it was time to quit my job and go backpacking around the world, and to avoid sending 8 page emails about how green the trees are, how cold the fjords are and how silk worms are some of the worst things you could put in your mouth, I set up VIKINGS, VEGANS & SAMURAIS.

Finally, with the return to sedentary life came craft projects and natural need for a new blog to showcase them and all other internet share-and-care discoveries. DUVALETTE